make showstopping desserts from
store-bought ingredients

wantedMake over any purchased sheet cake or frozen pound cake into a stunning creation that looks like it came from a fancy bakery—no special skills or equipment necessary! Even if you’ve never tried to decorate a cake before, with a good supply of candies and other store-bought treats and the detailed instructions in Extreme Cakeovers, you’ll be able to accomplish forty unique designs. You can:

• Fashion robot hands from chocolate-covered doughnuts
• Make Fruit Roll-ups blossom into a bouquet of red roses
• Roll Rice Krispies Treats and Swedish Fish into realistic sushi
• String a pretty strand of gumball pearls
• Create a train smokestack from an ice cream cone and marshmallow

Including tips and designs to please everyone from five to one hundred, Extreme Cakeovers is a whimsical guide to crafting cakes that will be the centerpiece of any occasion, from kids’ birthdays to Halloween, Father’s Day to Valentine’s Day, engagement parties to retirement gatherings.